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Exclusive games by Rinmarugames
Artwork by VeggieStudio
Game by Rinmaru
Anime Halloween Magical girl
A very cool game by Pichichama
Cyberpunk fashion dress up game
Very large file, please wait for it load.
VERY VERY large file.
Blank screen for 10 minutes is normal.
Mega anime couple creator

Manga Creator School Days page 17

Manga Creator School Days page 16
A cute anime game by Pichichama
Anime elf creator
Artwork by http://veggiestudio.deviantart.com/
Anime Summer dress up game

Manga Creator School Days page 15
Artwork by http://aruella.deviantart.com/
Anime school girl dress up game
Artwork by Kaizoku-no-Yume.
Kemono-chibi dress up game

Latest games by Rinmaru

Chapter.3 of the Ascension series.
Takes a while to load. It's a big file.
There might be spelling errors but me and the beta testers tried our best!
If you like it, feel free to share!
Have fun!
Ascension Chapter.3
Finally finished the first part of this game. I will update it when I have time. Please read the
Ascension couple creator
Dress up the Sci-Fi geek girl with clothes and accessories from several famous Sci-Fi shows and games...
Sci-Fi geek dress up game
Create your own video game avatar with endless options.
This game is dropped.It will not be updated. For more information, please check my blog.
Video Game Avatar Creator V.2 Human Part.1
Create your own steampunk themed avatar with countless facial features,clothes and accessories.
Mega steampunk dress up game

Latest Dress up Games

Games by other websites
Another amazing game by Azalea!
Indian dancer dress up game
A lovely game by Missangest! Please check out her deviantart page! http://missangest.deviantart.com/
Princess tea party dress up game

Sword Art Online dress up game
Very cute and detailed game by Missangest. Please check her DA gallery for more cute stuff!
MLP avatar creator by Missangest

cute anime style dress up game
I know it's not winter but it's such a cute game! Have fun.
winter friends dress up game
Create lots of elegant fantasy elves with anthro ears, elaborate facial paint, and unusual clothes and jewelry.
Magical elf dress up game
Could you please help her design the most beautiful party dress? There are various accessories for you to make good use of. You can also change the facial expressions of the vampire queen! Have fun!
Vampire Queen Dress Design
A little bit vintage with a lot of charm! Design an outfit that is either vintage from head to toe, or has just a hint of vintage inspired styles. Make sure that you don't miss the different categories under the picture of a dress, it has tops, pants, dresses and coats.
A Little Bit Of Vintage
Lily is back! The popular lily series created by KaiserGames continues, this time it is all about wedding. Create the most beautiful and cute bride the world has ever seen. Again, you have numerous styling possibilties, so you can create the Wedding Lily you desire!
Wedding Lily dress up game

Visual Novels

Chapter.3 of the Ascension series.
Takes a while to load. It's a big file.
There might be spelling errors but me and the beta testers tried our best!
If you like it, feel free to share!
Have fun!
Ascension Chapter.3
Takes a long time to load, so please wait.
Can't get past the boat scene? Change your browser.
Chapter-3 will be released on spring 2014
Ascension-chapter 2
Full version is finally here! Excuse the grammar/spelling errors. I will fix them in time! Have fun! Takes long to load...Please wait. -R
In this dating sim, you play as Cero, an insomniac trapped in a dream world filled with beautiful girls. Can Cero escape with a girl, who can become the love of his life, or stay forever in the Dream, trapped in a nightmare?
Kaleidoscope Dating Sim 1
One of the most lovely dating game by Yav Memo.Have fun.
MySunshine dating game
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